Sentry Residential and the Veterans Realty Group is an organization of military veterans and spouses in the real estate industry with a laser focus on serving those who serve. We are the nation's first Veteran-centric brokerage growing across the United States. We Live to Serve Those Who Serve to Live

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My Time with Lending Club Comes to an End

Over the course of one year, I invested through is a peer-to-peer lending platform. If Bob Jones (I don’t know a Bob Jones, by the way) wants to get a loan and he cannot or

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Live the Virginia Dream; Don't Just Dream the Dream

The other day I posted a listing in Woodvale, VA that blew the minds of so many of my followers, I had no choice but to write more about it and encourage others to live their dreams instead of

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It's Cold! Here's What You Need to Know if You Have a Fireplace in Your Home

There is almost nothing in a home that provides the feeling of closeness to others than a warm fire on a cold winter's night. With the sound of the wood crackling, children playing at your wool 

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I Need to Sell My Rental Property: But I'm Afraid of the Taxes!

If You're Concerned About Paying Taxes When You Sell Your Rental, Don't Be!Taxes are always a huge concern for landlords when it comes time to make the decision to sell or keep renting. I have seen

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